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Sep 3, 2012 5:30pm PDT
ex carl that came across the atlantic. along the front we will find winds up to 100 kilometers an hour have been reported in the scott issue lands. cold rain across scandinavia. meanwhile a stub around system continuing to rotate here over italy bringing potential for hail as well as damaging winds. it is heating up across the south as well. lisbon up to 34. madrid up to 31 and heading up in the balkan peninsula as well. here is your system forecast as well. >>> that's all for this edition of "newsline." i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for joining us.
Sep 2, 2012 7:00am EDT
it. thank you. >> host: berkeley springs, carl is on the line for the republicans. hey, carl. >> caller: hey, good morning. >> host: good morning. >> caller: one reason i see -- yesterday morning i was watching your program. your moderator read a tweet saying that people at the republican convention were throwing peanuts at a black camera person and saying this is the way we feed animals. now, he had no proof, no sources, just a tweet. this reminds me down there in washington, d.c. where they said the tea party was yelling racial epithets at the congress people. now, they have no proof that one guy offered $10,000 for someone who could show proof. and everybody carries a cell phone, a camera and can record every little thing. now, if you're going to get on there and read and incendiary stuff like that, tell us your sources. tell us who reported it and if they have proof. >> host: the call from berkeley springs, west virginia. steve's an independent. good morning to you. >> caller: good morning, good morning. >> host: why do you think washington is so divided? >> caller: i thi
Sep 17, 2012 7:00am EDT
elsewhere. in the "new york times this morning it says -- memphis, tennessee, carl, a democrat. what do you think? caller: how are you? i am -- it should be a limit to freedom of speech, especially if it causes a public uproar and other problems. you've got a lot of people that have intelligent input, but you have a lot of people that don't. for people to just try to create trouble, that is crazy. so, it needs to be a limit on what the media picks up and sends abroad. the computer is international, so everybody gets an eye on what some radicalist might see as freedom of speech. host: is it not all subjective? caller: the thing is, you have so many, just like america, we are very diverse. therefore, something needs to be regulated. we just cannot get on the internet and say anything. what type of country are we to allow people to do that? host: we will keep the conversation going this morning, but i want to give you other headlines on some other topics. here's the chicago tribune on the teachers' strike -- and in the tallahassee democrat, the front page of their paper -- she is expected to s
Sep 9, 2012 7:00am EDT
i have read the findings of the senate hearings on the bank ing that karl levin -- carl levin shared and they were found guilty of prosecutable fraud. now obama, he turned it over to the justice department and obama and holder have done nothing to these banks. they're accomplices. they're criminals. romney will be the same. host: gary, thank you for the call. alan colmes, your response. guest: i think we needed to save the banks. i'm not sure obama is an accomplice to bank fraud. i think this president has actually gone after wall street, the people who gave him money to get elected, he has done wall street reform and bank reform. i'm not sure i agree he's an accomplice to a crime. i think it's a pretty extreme statement. you know, there are people who don't like any politicians, think they're all crimes, i don't particularly have that view. i respect your opinion, sir, but i don't see it that way. this president has been actually pretty tough in reinstalling some of the regulations that we lost during years of republican rule. host: is barack obama a liberal, was bill clinton a libe
Sep 23, 2012 7:00am EDT
victims. wherever i travel, folks are working hard. back to the phones, west virginia. carl is on our line for republicans. caller: i like going to the polls and voting because i am able to. the debate should have been held before the early voting started. we will have four liberal moderate this, which will skew the base. i think the voting public should be able to compare the two people side by side. i cannot believe -- when anne romney tells the truth, i cannot believe the -- when running -- when romney tells the truth, i cannot believe people do not want to hear it. this is crazy. host: are you going to take advantage of early voting in west virginia? caller: i like going to the polls. it gives us a chance to get out and meet people in the community. i have no problem with early voting, as long as it is legal, as long as the people who are owed aim here legally to vote. whenever there -- as long as the people who are voting are here legally. host: a tweet says, i favor early voting so people can get a photo of their ballots so that the election cannot be stolen a la dollars w.
Sep 5, 2012 7:00am EDT
administration. a lot of people have been hurt. host: carl is a republican in a little late new jersey -- a little lake, new jersey. caller: i want to say a couple of things. i think the michelle -- hi, how're you doing? host: you got to turn on -- turned down the volume on the tv. caller: hang on. host: we will put you on hold. it will come back. and they get in texas. please go ahead with your comment. caller: thank you for allowing my comments. i watched both conventions. i was very pleased, being a texan, with the democratic leaders in texas. and i was proud to see the young mayor from san antonio speak. i think is a good way to go. i am a retired teacher. i heard teachers spoken about positively for probably the first time in five years. i think they touched the bases of the middle class with the police and the firefighters and the teachers. we have been struggling for the past four years. it is not like everybody has not been taking it in, but there has been so much obstruction on the republican side. i of pre-existing conditions and maybe three times i've gone without health care. i
Sep 12, 2012 7:00am EDT
economic stimulus and elsewhere. so far -- host: let's go to carl. caller: i have a couple of comments. i have been in the gas and oil industry on and off for 40 years, and there are so many misconceptions i am hearing, it is making me pull my hair out. let me say a couple of things. one, talking about the keystone pipeline and how it is "going to ruin the aquifer in the midwest ," when all these people that say this -- i do not hear one of them say we do have quite a few hundred miles of pipes out there right now, and in fact they have been working successfully for many, many years. as long as they're put in and maintained properly, for the most part they do not leak. two, we need that pipeline. we have all this oil and gas being drilled in south dakota. it cannot get to the refinery. what refineries we have left, because now we have the epa, who has created conditions where the refineries have to add a biomass which does not exist anywhere but in the laboratory. and they are finding -- they are finding the refineries for not using a product that does not exist. guest: trans canada would
Sep 1, 2012 7:00am EDT
trust what they are doing. host: our new call comes from carl on our line for republicans. caller: am i on? host: go on, carl. caller: i am almost 70 years old and i remember competition in the '50s. -- the 1950's. i live in the midwest and they were constantly having gas wars. we do not have that anymore. the whole idea of competition is a red herring. relating to that, i would like to ask these gentlemen how opec works in favor of the oil companies because they are restricting the supply because -- in a way that would be illegal. if the american companies did it, it would be illegal under that harley and they would thus be monopolies. - taft-hartley. -- taft-hartley and they would bust the monopolies. my second question is the true cost of fossil fuels, not factoring in what they pay at the pump. you might get a gallon of gas for $3 and it is cheaper than solar or wind. 30 years later when you have asthma like i do, the true cost comes out. host: carl in missouri. guest: there were more competitors in the 1950's than there are today. there used to be 350 refineries in this country,
Sep 30, 2012 7:00am EDT
votes to a third party it is his fault. mr. goode has a right to run. next is carl, joining us from palm bay, florida, good morning, democrats' line. caller: yes,mo -- good morning. it's just a couple of things. host: carl, we're short on time. caller: triple down economics are talked as what do the high paid pundits talk about, the answer is whatever the suggestion, whatever the pundits say, it has always been this way or that they will save the day to we can't go back to yesterday or it's much too higher price to pay. all of these answers from them to you are true, if you believe these answers true, then you must at the voting booth, if you really want the truth, vote on the high paid pundits, fully out. for both me and you. host: we'll get a response. congressman goode. guest: there was some good rhyme there. the ones that again, the big money is behind the two major parties, the candidates, at least, obama and romney. and i won't rehash totally everything i said before. but they have hundreds of millions of dollars. and they spend more with the media, the media station, the tele
Sep 16, 2012 7:00am EDT
this effort to diffuse the part of the sequester that would hit the pentagon. and he and carl evan and several others were talking about a plan that might seek to replace the defense cuts by raising taxes. at long last, after all of this fighting, raising some taxes. is that, do you think, is such an idea, would that be ameanable in the house, is anybody talking about it? do you think, as we get closer to the fiscal cliff, it might become something people will be willing to consider? >> that remains to be seen. you know, in the heat of the election has passed us in november, then is the time we need to sit down and be very, very serious about dealing with it. it would be disastrous, military especially. we would go back to preworld war ii army marine personnel. we would go back to 1915 on naval ships, on navy ships. and this kind of a world that we live in, that's just intolerable. we simply cannot do that. so i think the pressure will be intense. after the election, and people say well, the election's over, let's get down to business. i think the pressure's going to be intense. th
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Sep 22, 2012 11:00am PDT
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Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)